Our Ranchers

We’ve teamed up with over 100 ranchers in 22 states to bring you incredible beef.

No days off, all hard work. Mother nature, the economy, world events — these are just some of the things working against the ranchers of America.

Good beef doesn’t just happen. It requires the best genetics, processes, standards, and hard work.

From the ranch to you, raised the right way. 


“I’ve worked seven days a week for the last six or seven months. You just gotta go the extra mile to try and make things work.”

Kevin Effland

Kevin Effland, NextGen Beef Rancher

White City, Kansas

it's a calling

For most of our ranchers, ranching is a calling, a lifelong legacy, a family business. They are men and women part of families and communities who they feel called to serve.

“It’s important for me to be a rancher. It feels good to know we’re feeding the world. We’ve been here 115 years, right here at White City, Kansas. I’d be the fourth generation and my kids would be the fifth coming up.”


Korby Effland, NextGen Beef Rancher

White City, Kansas

NextGen Beef

When you buy NextGen Beef, you unite with us in helping support a local Amercian rancher.


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