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The Triple Play Combo Box

With the NextGen process, you’re ensured to get the most delicious, best quality beef that you can't find just anywhere.

The Triple Play Combo Box



As enjoyable as that rare triple-play on gameday, you’ll enjoy a feast with three options capable of satisfying even the most sophisticated of pallets. The Triple-Play Combo Box consists of two ribeye steaks, two KC strip steaks, and two center cut filet mignons. All cuts are aged for 28 days for even flavor distribution, less shrink, and better value.

What's in the box

  • 6 USDA Choice or Higher Steaks:

    (2) Ribeye Steak 
    (2) KC Strip Steak 
    (2) Center Cut Filet Mignon 

ordering info

  • Order On Monday before 3pm Central

    Delivered on Wednesday

  • Order On Tuesday before 3pm Central

    Delivered on Thursday

  • Order On Wednesday before 3pm Central

    Delivered on Friday

  • Order On Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday

    Delivered on Wednesday


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