kc strip steak

With the NextGen process, you’re ensured to get the most delicious, best quality beef that you can't find just anywhere.

Premium Aged KC STRIP steak - 12 oz


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That’s right, “KC” Strip Steak, not New York!  The USDA Choice NextGen KC Strip Steak, made famous in New York, but originating from the ranches of the Midwest and originally known as the KC Strip, is a buttery and tender cut that is simple to cook and explodes with rich flavor. Taken from the short loin, the KC Strip Steak has outstanding marbling, fabulous taste, and texture sure to please. Wet aged for 28 days for even flavor distribution, less shrinkage, and better value. 

The Nextgen beef kc strip

  • Premium Aged Steak

    12 oz. KC Strip Boneless NextGen Beef Steak

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